Matt Sullivan

electro/acoustic oboe,  english horn
Director of Double Reed Studies, NYU, Steinhardt
MPAP- Music & Performing Arts Professionals

Literacy Through The Arts




Co-Created, Developed and Directed by:

Matt Sullivan & earthwork painter, Ken Cro-Ken

Creative programs are based on the core curriculum.

All projects begin and end with writing and tailored

to each organizations academic and budgetary needs.



Why things look the way they sound and sound the way they look;

through the connection of science music and visual art.


Interdisciplinary and multimedia projects reveal the connection between all things.

Have a look at one of our videos called- "Literacy Through Nature".
All of the Language Arts Standards is put into use as students go from
investigative researchers to investigative reporters.


To begin with, students create a visual composition that serves as a catalyst for students to consider the sounds that they will create for their video.  This footage can be filmed by them or drawn upon by Ken Cro-Ken's video archive.  Along with the sounds students will create, they will also choose from a variety of musical phrases created by Matt Sullivan on oboe and English horn.  There will also be musical phrases created by other well accomplished musician.

This and other projects are integrated with the administrative staff and teachers to recognize and celebrate the talents of that community.  Everyone can also learn an empowering lesson about potential and opportunity when talent is used to create funds.  A performance can also be a fund-raiser so that students can also learn about marketing and how to successfully bring the “art world” and the “real world” together.

Projects are based to enhance the core curriculum.  All ideas are reinforced and expanded upon in the classroom.  Students learn to cooperate with others while learning to become more self-expressive and self-empowered.  Since we believe that the basic definition of an artist is “anyone who develops an idea”, students can take what they learn and apply it to anything that they are interested in with a greater chance to believe and succeed within it.  Sociology says that the greater control one feels in life, the less frustration they can potentially feel.  Let us be a part of your organization’s mission to enrich the lives of our young people.

Together, we can combine your existing knowledge, talent and passion
to surprise everyone involved.

No organization is too big or too small. 

All projects are tailored to meet the curriculum standards

and the budget of each organization.

* Contact us to make exciting plans for your organization.

We believe that the best way to stress the importance to developing
the Language Arts Standards is by putting these skills to use

while having fun and developing "creative intelligence".


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(This is a phrase many have come to hear of but we coined this phrase in the 1990's.)

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making learning as fun as it is enlightening.

Together, we can combine knowledge and talent
to surprise everyone involved.

To see some of Ken Cro-Ken's environmental paintings,
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El Picaflor, porro Composer: José Barros