MATT SULLIVAN  -  Oboe,  English Horn

  Director of Double Reed Studies at NYU Steinhardt
Department of Music and Preforming Arts Professionals

"MULTIPLE ONENESS", art and music layered and blended together in intriguing ways."                                                     -  SARASOTA TRIBUTE  (2012)

"MULTIPLE ONENESS", an intriguing performance art piece by the oboist Matt Sullivan and painter Ken Cro-Ken."            -  THE NEW YORK TIMES  (2011)

" ...the cutting edge." - THE NEW YORKER (1999)

"gorgeously lyrical playing."  - THE NEW YORK TIMES (1994) 

Reed Making



This, nearly 1 hour DVD that will teach you everything you need to know
to make a successful oboe reed that you can rely on.

IMAGINE, ready for an audition, a performance or on tour
and your reed breaks.  What are you going to do???

Why rely on anyone to make your reeds for you?
Now you can learn step by step with Matt.

Easy to find chapters and step by step instructions make it easy to take control.


Making great oboe reeds, step by step with Matt Sullivan
Total Running Time - 56 minutes

Product Features

                  REED TALK, DVD, making great oboe reeds, step by step with Matt Sullivan.

                  In this video, you can look over Matt's shoulder while he ties and scrapes oboe reeds.

                  REED TALK gives you the same step by step procedures that he uses with his students,

                  to make stable, responsive, balanced, beautiful sounding oboe reeds.

                  This comprehensive reed making video has chapter markers for easy access to the section you wish to review.

Product Description

REED TALK, DVD, making great oboe reeds, step by step with Matt Sullivan.

 Product Details

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